Radiator Cap – restored

When I was going through the parts that Jack gave me, one of the parts was the radiator cap.   The rivet on top looked odd and there was a hole in one of the ears.  I confirmed that it was an original cap on the Camaro Resource Group.  The guys there are truly amazing.  Some of them can look at a blurry and small picture of an engine and spot 5 to 10 things right off the bat that make the engine either incorrect or a possible clone.   

So….I posted my radiator cap and asked for help, and they confirmed the cap is absolutely correct for a 01B 1969 Camaro.  The hole was probably drilled by someone who attached a safety cord.

Then I started looking for a place to have it restored.  Some of the guys on the CRG said I should restore it myself, but compared to folks that specialize in specific parts, my work qualifies in the category of either “hack” or “backyard mechanic”.  Since that’s not acceptable for this car, I started searching.  One name that came up consistently as doing awesome work on yenko.net and camaros.net was Joe Perri. 

I sent the radiator cap off to Mr. Perri and was real happy with the results.  He even fixed the hole that was in the ear.

Joe Perri
6845 N. Mendota Avenue
Chicago, IL 60646
phone: 312-307-1977
email: corvetteillinois@comcast.net