Dave Brock – still can’t find him

Two (out of eight) former owners I can’t locate. The first only had the car for a few months and I have no info on him.  Finding him may be impossible.   Alfred said he thinks the first owner had the car reposessed.

The next one I can’t locate is Dave Brock. Normally I only put up first names, but since I can’t find him, I’m using his full name. From discussions with Alfred, it sounds like he is 95% sure he sold the car to Dave Brock. Dave Brock is a very common name and I have had no luck in tracking him down.

I met up with Jack again a few months ago, and we talked about Dave Brock.

In November of 1974, Jack was sent to a aircraft maintainence school. I think he learned to repair C130 engines  there. The school was at Sheppard AFB Wichita Falls, Texas. One of his fellow students was a Dave Brock. There is a very good probability this is the same Dave Brock that bought the car from Alfred and sold it to Larry. Larry then brought the car to Hurlburt field.

Dave Brock = Top row, 3rd guy from the left

Jack = Bottom, left corner