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2013 Camaro Nationals

The 69 Z Scored a 981 out of 1000 in the Bow Tie class and had the highest score in it’s class. I am very happy with the score. I agree with all of the deductions I received from the judges except for two of them. I am going to post on the CRG about the deductions as soon as I take a few more pictures.

Some of the deductions were for small stuff that I should have seen like repop hood bumpers that made the hood look a little bowed and a wrong bolt on the alternator bracket.

I needed at least 950 points to make it into Legends and I beat that so next year it’ll be in the Legends class which is 5,000 points. It’s definitely a tougher class but I’m planning on trying Legends next year.

edit: I always thought it was 950 points needed to get into Legends since you achieve gold status in the Bowetie class at 950. However, I was wrong. 975 is the minimum threshold score, not 950.

What was real nice about the show is that everybody was really trying to help each other out as much as they could. By the time the judges reviewed my car…..other guys from both the Bowtie class, and Legends class had already pointed out 80% of the problems already. Also guys I have talked with at the 2012 Camaro Nationals or guys I talked to on-line stopped by and pointed out some things to check on. To these guys….Dale, Al, Chick, Pete (aka Y77), and Scoop…THANKS!!!!

I also got to help some guys out with a few items. Since it’s a point system, everyone seemed to be great about helping each other out. Some advice howeever may be incorrect based on the build date of the car and almost everything needs to be researched.

Before the show, loading the car in Mike Labrecque’s parking lot:

To anyone who thinks the color is not correct….you’re full of “something”. LOL. It was color matched EXACTLY to the understored original car paint and specifically the underside of the trunk lid. There is still an original trunk section that is masked off in case any judge ever calls it into question. I can remove the tape and show them the original lacquer Rallye Green paint. The new paint is base coat, clear coat but it’s an EXACT match.

at the show:

pulled over by the cops:

Meeting the 1974 former owner…Larry. More info on Larry here:

Larry was ready to take the car with him and leave a major burnout in the parking lot:

Getting judged:

Larry said he took about 500 pictures at the Camaro Nationals. He’s behind the wheel in this pic. This is one of my favorite pics.

engine bay:


engine bay other side:


One more pic:

and a terrific pic taken by Kevin at the shop:

The nicest part was having Larry come see the car. He seemed real happy with the way the car came out….but one thing he kept laughing about was, he said he had a lot more miles driving this car than I have. He’s right. I know. I’ll try the Legends class next year though and at some point….headers, real tires, real shocks, and driving.

I hope some of the former owners (and hopefully Larry will want to see it again) come to check it out next year. This year I wasn’t sure it would be done in time and it really came down to the wire. Next year there should be a little more breathing room.

…the dude on the left is Larry (bought the Z in 1974), the dude on the right with the extra-wide grin and the Chevy shirt is me…and the chick with the iroc-z tattoo on her neck is on the far right.