Got an email from Jacks brother – Dan

I recently got an email from Jack’s brother…..Dan.

It is always awesome to hear from guys that actually drove the car back in the day. The car was part of their lives and history while growing up and every single one of them that I’ve talked to remembers the car and in many cases even loved the car and their time with it.

Dan wrote:

I’m Jacks brother Dan from Jersey.
I just wanted to drop a line to say that I’m glad that someone with the vision & compassion to restore the Z to it’s original state, bought it.   I never thought I would see the day that Jack would let it go, so congrats to you.
Jack & I were just talking about the fact that other than Jack, I was the only one that he ever let drive the Z .
I can still remember that day ( approx. 30 years ago ) like it was yesterday. The feeling of driving that car at 20 yrs. old was incredible, I remember the way people looked at the car going down the road was purely ” I WANT THAT “.  I will follow the progress of restoration on the site you have on the Z, (thank you for having that ) There’s not many things that are worse than letting a part of your life go & never seeing it again, At least we can still see it & the appreciation the new owner has for it.  Good luck with the Z & I hope you enjoy it as much as Jack did.

 All’s I can say is THANKS for the email Dan.  I think that the appreciation I have for the car equals that of the former owners and I am trying my best of make sure the car turns out the best that I can.  My goal is to make the car as it came off the assembly line in 1969.  THANKS for the encouragement!!!