4th owner – Larry July 1974 to Dec 1974

bought from = Dave Brock
sold to = Fred

I talked to Larry on 9/2/2011.  He said he bought the car in July or August of 1974.  He said he traded it in Dec 1974 to Fred for a 1970 454 Chevelle.  They traded even. 

He did not know Dave Brock but said they he and the seller were both stationed at Shepard AFB.  Witchita Falls was the C130 school he was going to before he was transferred to Hurlbert Field.  He drove the car to Ft Walton Beach.  He thought that Dave Brock was about 30 since he was older and Larry was 24 at the time.  He said that Dave Brock had the car in a garage in Wichita Falls but did not know him or anything about him.  He said the AF had a “lemon lot” where the guys would sell their cars when going overseas or were about to be transferred.  He found the green Z/28 with a sign on it and bought it.

 We talked a little about the Chevelle and I told him that a few of the guys said that Carl Nurenburg bought it.  This made him laugh and laugh and laugh.  He said he had been racking his brain trying to remember the name of the guy that bought the Chevelle and could not remember it but that it was Carl.

 He did one year in Da Nang in 1974 (69 to 70) (went back in 74?).    He retired from the AF in 1992.  His rank was Master Sergeant (6 stripes).

 He wants to visit CT at some point, maybe next year to see the car and I told him that would be great.  He also might contact Al Gould the car detective of autoancestry.com to find one of his old cars that he has some paperwork on that he wants to track down.

 He said there were no dents or body problems but he noticed some rust areas around the back window passenger side.  

  •  The car was totally stock when I bought it and had 30,000 miles on it. I paid $1800.00.
  • Dave Brock , I barely remember, he was about 30 years old in 1974 I would guess.
  • I removed the smog pump in Texas and cleaned out the intake manifold  it was full of black carbon from running too rich.
  • I drove the car to SC and then on to Florida.
  • I removed the stock wheels and put on L-60 tires on the rear with 15×8 ET mag wheels, 15x7s on the front.
  • Next I removed the stock exhaust system and installed Hooker headers and fabricated a full dual exhaust to the car.
  • I owned the car less than one year. My friend Fred had a 1970 Chevelle SS454 with 4,000 miles on it, he wanted the Camaro BAD! We traded even, I had the Chevelle two months and sold it for $2800.00.   I sure wish I had both of those cars back! I have often wondered where some of my cars are today, I am so glad you contacted me about this one. Please send pictures, I would love to see that car again!
  •  Please send me Fred’s information as I would love to be in touch with him again.
  •  Thanks for tracking me down! Call me anytime.