6th Owner – Rick – a few months in 1975

bought from = Fred
sold to = Jim

notes taken 8/17/2011

Rick had his name and address on the bottom of the ashtray when I bought the car.  It was blurry, faded and took a long time to decipher the address.  His parents lived at that same address for many years until very recently.

Ricks recollection was that Dave owned the car in 74 and sold it to Larry. Larry sold it to Fred who sold it to Rick who sold to Jim who sold it to Jack.   All this was done in 74/75 so none of them except Jack owned the car for long. A guy named Nurenburg never owned the car but was a friend of Rick.

 He said that Larry, Fred and Jim all worked together in  the same squadron.  Also that Fred and Larry traded cars and it was a 70 Chevelle SS traded for the Camaro.   Nurenburg bought the Chevelle from Larry and never owned the Camaro.  He said Larry, Fred, Rick and Jim only had the car for months and each paid about $2,000.

Larry got the car in Texas and sold it to Fred who was a career man who came to Ft Walton Beach, FL.  He had a new wife and kid and did not want a sports car.  Rick said that Larry is the one who changed to headers on the car and lifted the front end up. 

 Rick said that he was not a good 302 mechanic and was not good at adjusting the engine so he sold it to Jim from Orange County CA.  He just couldn’t maintain the car.