This page has a very good explanation of wheel codes and dates: CRG wheels

Example of the date codes I was looking for:

K1y m (hole) dd aa

    K = Kelsey-Hayes
    1 = Romulus, MI wheel plant
    y = calendar year
    m = month
   dd = day
   aa = application code

K18 12 (hole) 17 YH = Kelsey-Hayes MI, built in 1968 in December on the  17th day with a YH code.

The car is a 1969 01B which means it was made the 2nd week of January 1969.  The rally wheels that were on the car when I bought it have FW codes on them.  Made around 1975 and definitely not correct.

According to the CRG

Rally   Disc   AD  15×7   Z28 (early)
Rally   Disc   YH  15×7   Z28 (late)

Being a 2nd week of January car, my car is a mid-production build.  YH wheel production started in the middle of December 1968.  There are only two 1968 date codes that would work, either 12-17 or 12-18 .  Before this date, the wheels would have AD code wheels.  Since these early YH dates would be perfect, I put an ad on the Team Camaro website that I was looking for wheels.  THANKS for this recommendation Jeff68!

It didnt take long before I got a few responses to the ad and one guy in Wisconsin had 5 for sale all with the same date.  They were not in perfect condition but could be fixed.  One had more extensive damage but could be fixed and used as the spare.

 The seller sent me this email

Hello David, I have 5 wheels but the date is 12-17-68 not 12-18-68 (senior moment) as you will see in the photos.
No restamps here !!!  I do not believe in it.  I have collected these wheels over a lot of years, while collecting for myself
my cars are 02D and 03C.  As you look at the photos they are in groups of three, 15 photos 5 wheels. 
The fourth wheel group is a bad wheel which can be fixed then used for a spare.
Thanks Mike


1st wheel

2nd wheel


3rd wheel

4th wheel


5th wheel