5th owner – Fred Dec 1974 to 1975

bought from = Larry
sold to = Rick

  Fred confirmed that he sold the car to Rick about 1975 when his wife was pregnant. He believes that he bought the car from Larry.      All Fred said he did to the car was change the exhaust back to near stock.

             I spoke with Fred on 8/31/2011.  He was very unsure about how long he had the car but seemed to think it was about a year or two.  He was also in the 834th Hurlbert Field and worked with Larry and Rick.  He went into the military in October 1966 and got out in 1987.  He did 1 year in Vietnam.  He thinks for rank he was eventually a Buck Sergeant.

 After he sold the car in 1975 he bought a Monte Carlo, but ended up getting stationed in England, then back to Hurlbert Field and then to Cocoa Beach.