7th Owner – Jim 1975 to 1976

bought from = Rick
sold to = Jack

I spoke to Jim on 9/7/11.  He was in the same unit as Jack.  He said he loved the car and knew that Larry brought it from Texas.  He told me about wanting to buy it directly from Larry but didn’t think Larry would sell it to him.  Jim didn’t know about Fred owning the car.  He thought it went directly from Larry to Rick who he bought it from.  Jim said he hounded Rick for months to sell him the car until Rick finally agreed.  Jim said he was about 17 when he bought the car and has some paperwork from the credit union from when he bought it.  He remembered all of the specs on the car – 302 engine, 30 30 cam, 11:1 compression ration and  4.10 rear.  He said the only problems he ever had with it was the power valves in the carb and a small amount of rust forming around the rear window.  He said he was 17 when he went into the service in 1973 and got out in early 1976.   He said at the time he could  not afford to bring the car home to Southern California.  There were gas crunch/gas shortages going on and he decided he could not afford the trip home with it so in 1976 he sold it to Jack. He said he has had a lot of hot rod cars over the years and this is the one car he could never forget.

In Febrary 2012, Jim sent me pictures taken in 1975 and this note:

Photos were taken in front of the hanger I worked at on Hurlburt field an aux base of Eglin.  This is the base I was stationed on when I was in Florida and owned the car.