Dave Brock…..found him???

Bill Gould and I spoke with Dave Brock that lives in Wichita Falls, TX on 7/25/12. Wichita Falls is where Alfred sold the Camaro and where Larry bought it.

This Dave Brock was never in the Air Force. He is 56. During high school, starting at age 15, he was a mechanic for Kmart and started buying and selling cars. He also had quite a few businesses and started his first business when he was 12 years old.

After graduating high school he started buying and renting houses. From 1974 to 1980 he was a mechanic with his own auto shop and during this time he bought and sold about 200 cars (he said “hot rods”). He would usually own a car for less than a year.

He was 18 years old when he bought a green Z/28.

He wasn’t sure, but he thought that an Air Force guy was renting his first “rent house” or lived near his first “rent house” and the guy was shipping out. The car had some problems starting. After he towed the car home, Dave figured out that the problem was the coil and the timing was a little off. After he replaced the coil, the car worked great.

He said he had two Z/28’s at the same time. The green one which had a flat hood and a white one. He liked the white one a little better since it had the cowl induction hood.

He said the he bought the green Z/28 from an Air Force guy and ending up selling it to an Air Force guy. He also said he remembers there being a lot where Air Force cars were bought and sold, but he does not remember exactly how he sold the Z. I mentioned to him that there was a lot “the lemon lot” where cars on the base were bought and sold. He said he knew the lot and had sold a few cars on it, but he didn’t remember how he sold this one.

Some things make sense with this being the correct Dave Brock that owned the Z and some things don’t.

Things that don’t make sense:

1. Alfred thought he sold it to an Air Force guy that was a little older than he was and was a fellow instructor. However, he was not 100% sure about this and said that it could have been that the older fellow instructor was someone that told him about Dave Brock.

2. Larry thought he bought the car from an Air Force guy that was a little older. I’m not sure how certain he is on this. If Larry is 100% certain it was an Air Force guy he bought the car from, then this is the wrong Dave Brock.

3. In 1974, could someone that is not in the Air Force have put their car for sale on the Sheppard AFB lemon lot? If this is not possible, this is the wrong Dave Brock.

Things that do make sense:

1. This Dave Brock owned a green Z/28 with a flat hood in 1974.

2. This Dave Brock lived in Wichita Falls, Tx and made a living buying and selling cars. He knew of the area on the base where the guys would be fixing and maintaining their cars.

3. Whoever owned the car between Alfred and Larry only owned it for a very short time period. It would have been for no more than 7 months in 1974. It makes sense that someone that just bought and sold cars quickly would not keep the car for very long.

Bottom line……I am not 100% sure this is the correct Dave Brock but how many green Z/28’s with a flat hood owned by a “Dave Brock” could have been driving around Wichita Falls in 1974 ???