8th Owner – Jack 1976-2011

bought from = Jim
sold to = David (me)

notes taken: August 2011

Jack bought the car in 1975 during his Air Force service.  He was out of the Air Force in 1979 and did 4 years active and 2 years inactive so he bought it during his second year in the service.

 In 1975, he was with the 834th OMS Hurlburt Field, Eglin Field 9, Florida.   He bought the car from Jim who was also with the 834th Hurlburt Field.  Jim was an airman 1st class and was from CA.   Jack was going to Guam for 18 months so he drove the car from Fort Walton Beach to NJ to store the car in his parents yard.  It was in his parents backyard for about a year up on blocks.  It was then stored in a neighbors garage and after than at West Lawn Ranch Florists where he had to pay for storage.   He didn’t like that when he got back they were storing stuff on top of the car.  There ended up being a dimple on the ridge of the car, a small dent above the drivers head area. He flew weather while in Guam.  He was in Guam until 1978.  When he got out of the Air Force in 79 he moved back to Florida and got a job at Aero Corp.  He trailered the car to bring it from NJ back to Florida. 

Pictures that Jack had of the car from around 1976:




 On 8/5/2011, I talked to Jack and told him about my conversation with Alfred. 

He said he was actually at Sheppard AFB in 1974 at the same time Alfred was.  The reason he was there had to do with flying C-130’s.  I asked him how he put such low milage on the car since he had a ticket that listed 55,543 miles on the odometer and the car has almost 60,000 now.  He said he only put about 4,000 miles on it.  He said his one big trip with the car was from Ft Walton Beach near Hurlburt Field to NJ.  

For the wheels, he remembered there being an “ET” on the hub of the wheels.  He said there were Hurst Super Shocks on the car and there was an air fitting by the license plate and he got rid of it when he put shocks on the car.  He did not change the rockers or the exhaust but he did change the battery.  He also took out the high energy ignition box that Alfred had put in and that it should be in the box of parts he gave me.  He said the car did not sit right with the 60’s on the back and the 70’s on the front so he changed to regular tires with standard rally rims.  He also put regular springs back on the front and had the rear springs on the back re-arched.  He changed the cardboard backing piece in back of the rear seat with a new one, and took out the 8 track player that was between the two front seats.  When he had the car the AM radio never worked. 

 I think that from 1980 to 2010 the car was garaged.  I need to clarify this with Jack.  He mentioned that it was garaged for a long time and that it wasn’t driven much during this time.  In the last few years, it was not garaged, but was kept under a car port in a house that he was maintaining across the street from his house.  He used it more during the years it was under the car port for very short trips.

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