Went to look at the Z

My father-in-law, Paul, has a winter house in Florida.  He saw a Camaro under a car cover at a neighbor’s house.  The neighbor, Jack,  was not selling the car (he had it since 1976 near the time he was finishing his Air Force service) but my father-in-law kept going over to check it out.  Over the next 6 months, Paul kept checking on the status to see if Jack wanted to sell it.  It was being stored in a carport at a house the neighbor used to own across the street from the one he was living in.  Jack was maintaining the house for the current owners who were renting it out.  Paul kept telling him that his son-in-law was interested when he was ready to sell.  About 6 months later, Jack saw swimsuits drying on the car (on top of the car cover for it).  He then called Paul and told him that he was willing to sell the car.

Paul  and I flew to Fl on Wed June 27th 2011 to see the car.  Two days later here are pictures of the Z getting ready to go to  CT.

Drop off in CT

With my 68 and making my driveway look good

Picture of the engine bay. There were some original parts that the former owner had taken off and replaced with later GM parts. For example he had removed the brake booster, master cylinder, proportioning valve and distributor. Luckily he kept these parts and gave them to me when I bought the car.


I then got on Jerry MacNeish’s list to be checked and certified.  Using his book, I checked the majority of the numbers before he got to my house and almost everything looked good.  The biggest problems were surface rust, non-matching carb and non-matching water pump.  It has original paint, the engine vin, trans vin and rear end checked out A-OK. It is a X33 car.