Interior Door Panels

The interior standard door panels that were on the car are in bad shape.

Original panel:


I picked up a set on EBay and they are not perfect, but they were only $305 and no one else bid on them. Mike has a local guy that works with vinyl and he will try and make them better. The bottom edges are very brittle in some areas.

There is a manufacturer, part numbers, and dates on the back. It’s a little strange that I did a whole bunch of Internet searches on Seaman. One guy confirmed the Seaman and numbers on the other site and there is no info on the CRG. I compared them against the old panels and all the numbers match perfectly.

The drivers side has “Seaman 7793352 10-14-68”
The passenger side has “Seaman 7793353 9-24-68”

Even the dates are great for me since it is a 69 01B car. Not that anybody would ever check. HA.