Door Panels

The interior standard door panels that were on the car are in very bad shape. I picked up a set on EBay and they came in back in Dec 2011. They were not perfect, but they were only $305 and no one else bid on them. The bottom edges are very brittle in some areas. Mike Labrecque is having his guy repair the panels.

There is a manufacturer, part numbers, and dates on the back. It’s a little strange that I did a whole bunch of Internet searches on Seaman. One guy confirmed that Seaman is the original manufacturer and confirmed the part numbers on and there is no info on the CRG.

The drivers side has “Seaman 7793352 10-14-68”
The passenger side has “Seaman 7793353 9-24-68”

Both dates are great for me since it is a 69 01B car.

Mike just sent me some pictures of a repaired edge. Awesome job!!!



After (Nice!!!)